Are you on the hunt for a job? If so, you’re likely more interested in a work-from-home position than an in-person position. The pandemic has left workers afraid to commit to an in-person job unless there are plenty of precautions in place. However, regardless of the amount of care taken for employees, working from home will always be more appealing. Let’s take a look at some work-from-home jobs and customer service jobs in the sale of used cars.

Work-from-Home Jobs Are in High Demand

If you take a quick look at the jobs that are available on job boards and online, there is a clear bias towards work-from-home positions, with these jobs being filled much more quickly than in-person positions. This was predicted over a year ago when the pandemic was first gaining a foothold in the American population. It’s no surprise that, after getting a taste for working from home, many Americans simply don’t want to go back into the office.

Looking for a Job? Customer Service Jobs Are a Good Start

If you’re looking for a job that will allow you to work from home, customer service jobs are a great place to start looking. Most customer support positions will allow you to use your own computer at home to field calls and answer basic support questions. Whether you work for a dealership, rental car company, or auction house, a job in customer service can be a great introduction to many other areas.

WFH Jobs for Used Cars Sales in Atlanta

Look at Dealerships
Local dealerships may need help with data entry or loan processing. Ask around and find out if your local dealerships are looking to hire help. Even if they aren’t currently offering a work-from-home position, you might be able to convince them to let you work remotely (or adopt a hybrid model). Additionally, dealerships may have a customer support team that fields calls to the office.

Look at Car Rental Companies
Much like dealerships, car rental companies will be periodically looking for agents to cover customer service. They may also need agents dedicated to insurance claims. Keep an eye out for any job that is focused around data entry or phone support – these jobs can easily be work-from-home positions if you ask the right questions.

Look at Auction Houses
Auction houses that sell used cars are a great place to look for a job, too. You could handle calls into the auction house for customers who are looking to sell their used cars at auction. Perhaps there is a data-entry position for logging incoming vehicles, tagging them, and filling out the information about each car.

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