Handy tips on buying a used car in Atlanta while sticking to your budget.

Buying a used car in Atlanta often becomes an emotional decision. And you are not alone in that. It is so easy to get carried away by the alluring offers or to miss the hidden overheads. Carsatwholesale brings you some tips on how to make the best choices while staying within your budget.

Have a clear idea of your budget

First and foremost, set your budget. Write it down if you must. Have it clear in your mind that this is the maximum limit that you can go up to. In other words, this is your hard limit. Everything from the add-ons, taxes and financing should fall within this budget. Once you have your figures worked out and handy, sticking to it will not be hard.

Choose your car and features beforehand

With your budget set, you now need to decide on the kind of used car that you are looking for. Also note down your must-have features. A new car in Atlanta goes through an average depreciation of 60% in a six-year span. So you can start looking at brands and models that are about double your budget. With basic features, chances are that you can get a 6-year-old car of your liking within your budget. All you need to do is to limit your search to your prefixed model and features.

See the total price

The total price is all the money that you spend in order to purchase your car. If you want to stay within your budget, you really need to know the total price that you are paying. The base price and the monthly payment on your car are only part of the bigger picture.

Atlanta dealers often talk to you about the base price of a used car. But what you might miss to see are the overheads and extras. Write down the costs and overheads if needed and add them up to see the final figure. Your total price includes

  • The base price
  • The charges for the features you have chosen
  • Taxes and dealership fees (Used cars in Atlanta attracts a Title Ad Valorem tax of seven percent)
  • Total interest that you might be paying if the used car is financed
  • etc.

It is only natural to miss the total price, which is the sum of all the installments that you will be paying. But writing the expense down alongside your budget makes the picture clear and will really help you in sticking to it.