Are you planning on buying a used car in Atlanta? Make sure to avoid bait and switch scams.

What is Bait and Switch? Why do some Atlanta auto dealers use it?

Simply put, Bait and switch is a trick to bring the customer to the dealership by offering a near impossible deal. The dealer advertises a used car at a ridiculously low price to bring the customer to the showroom. Once the customer falls for the ‘bait’, the dealer makes a ‘switch’ for a different car that is termed “better” and hence more expensive.

Even though it is illegal to bait and switch, some used car dealers still use the tactic to draw new customers. This is because the fraud goes mostly unreported and the dealer often gets away with it.

How do you avoid Bait and switch in Atlanta?

The best way to avoid bait and switch is to stay clear. Any deal that sounds too good to be true may well be a scam. Go with your gut feeling here.

The advertised car may not be the one you want at the first place. If you find one that is too good to resist, check and recheck before you go for it. Read the print and the fine print. Make sure you read the offer carefully. If the car on deal perfectly matches your requirements, read the fine print. You may want to have a good look at the specifications and finances because tempting offers often come with a catch. They could be barebones models, may have hidden previous damages, huge down payments or long-term financing that could lock you in.

Does the advertised car come with the kind of warranty that you are looking for?

Has it been involved in an accident or suffered significant damage?

Was it marked to be salvaged or been flood damaged?

Once you are sure of the terms and conditions, ring up and verify with the dealer. Find out the stock number of the advertised car and note it down. Tell them that you want to check out the same car at the dealership. Inform them that you will be visiting soon and that you expect to see the advertised car there when you do.

At the dealership, thoroughly inspect the vehicle and its previous history. Make sure you are looking at exactly the same car as they advertised. If it is something else that they offer to you, walk out of the place. And before you leave, do tell them that you are going to file a complaint on this bait and switch fraud right away! Stay safe and happy buying!